Why should young individuals start investing?

By admin May 3, 2024

Over the years, the stock market has generated a huge amount of wealth. Purchasing stocks from the stock market has the biggest 500 publicly listed firms in the United States make up the S&P 500, which has returned 8% to 12% yearly on average. Stocks may yield far larger returns than other investing alternatives in the long run if investors can control their fear. This article will explain to investors why and how buying stocks will benefit them.

Advantages of stock investing

The advantages of stock investment are numerous:

  • The opportunity to generate larger profits

The main motivation for most stock investors is the potential return as compared to other investment options including Treasury bonds, gold, and bank certificates of deposit. For instance, since 1926, the average yearly return on the stock market has been almost 10%, whereas the return on government bonds with a long maturity has been between 5% and 6%.

  • The capacity to fight against inflation

Returns in the stock market frequently surpass inflation rates by a large margin. For instance, from 1913, the overall inflation rate has averaged 3.1% every year. That is in contrast to a yearly stock return of double digits. A useful tool for protecting against price increases has been stocks. 

  • The capacity to generate consistent passive income

A large number of businesses provide investors with dividends or a percentage of their profits. While some corporations pay monthly dividends, the bulk pay them out quarterly. An investor’s wage or retirement income may be supplemented by dividend income.

  • The sense of pride in possession

A fractional ownership stake in a firm is represented by a share of stock. Investors can purchase a small portion of a business whose goods or services investors like.

  • Accessibility

The majority of equities are easily bought and sold since they trade openly on a significant stock exchange. Additionally, this makes equities a more liquid investment than alternatives like real estate holdings that require time to sell. 

  • Blending in

With stocks, it’s simple to create a diverse portfolio spanning several sectors. By doing so, investors may lower the total risk profile and increase profits on their investment portfolio, which may also include bonds, real estate, and cryptocurrencies.

  • The capacity to begin modestly

Investors can start buying stocks for less than $100 because many online brokers allow fractional share purchases and have $0 fees. 


In contrast, stock market corrections—that is, earnings reductions of more than 10%—usually result in a few months of stock market recovery. An investor’s chance of losing money decreases with the length of time in the market. The vast majority of the stock market’s return is derived from a small number of stocks. Because of this, it’s advisable to get shares in a reputable firm as quickly as possible as opposed to holding out for a perhaps unattainable greater price. The greatest investing software, 5paisa, makes online trading easier. Numerous benefits are provided to the customer, including up-to-date stock prices, market data, fresh trends, profit margins, and risk considerations, among other things.

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